Pick Up Sticks

Childhood games used to revolve around mental and physical skill.  Remember Pick up sticks? 

You had to remove one without disturbing the rest.  It was almost inevitable that moment, breath held, finger steady where you almost, just about….

And it moved.  And everyone at the table hooted and hollered. 

               You almost had it. 

Pick up sticks.  Today, I reminisce and draw parallels between this game and life.  And my challenge, which has morphed into a larger reflection on decisions, career and family.  

Lessons of the day: 

Avoid shiny objects!  They can take you off course and suddenly you’re living someone else’s dream. 

Anticipate that not every move will end as you planned.

And remember, some sticks will shift, it’s the nature of the game.  

Source: https://youtu.be/92ZNXL15jVQ