Conversations that count

How honest are you with yourself?  Your colleagues, your significant other?  Do you allow yourself to be caught up in the day-to-day hum of life or are you actively engaging in conversations that push you outside of your comfort zone? 

Today is a great day to plan that conversation.  Is there a crucial relationship at work that you’ve been neglecting? A role that needs to be clarified?  A family matter discussion that keeps getting postponed?  A friend or colleague that you’ve avoided calling out about behavior?   

These are the difficult discussions.  You don’t know the answer.   While I still don't have resolution for my current challenges, I am an active participant on this journey rather than a passive passenger.  The uncertainty seems more uncomfortable than avoidance.  Work through the discomfort.  The knowledge will better prepare you to face the situation.  Don’t forget to pivot when appropriate.

And remember failure is just part of the puzzle.  How are you pushing yourself past where you know you can succeed?