Avoidance Tactics

What are your personal avoidance tactics?  Do you intentionally stall, ignore or avoid conversations?  Allow yourself to get pulled in the weeds, tackling fires but never taking a step back to look at your life, your decisions, your future?  Sometimes the conversation arrives at our doorstep, an unanticipated setback, transition or health concern.  Other times we charge along mistaking busy for productive.  

Today, I encourage you to have a conversation, to address an issue, to tackle a challenge that has been bothering you.  Push outside of your comfort zone and take action.  If that’s too big a leap, schedule some time to re-assess and re-evaluate.  It’s never too late to course correct. Don’t forget to factor in the opportunity cost of your current endeavors.  I look forward to hearing about your progress.   

Source: https://youtu.be/FE8wq7WDxiw