Habit Versus Thought

Habits are so easy to create unintentionally and seem so difficult to break once they’ve taken root.  Not to worry!  It’s always a matter of one step at a time.  Can you think of a habit that snuck up on you?  Do you avoid people on the street? How about eye contact?  Do you have any other idiosyncrasies that seemed to happen one day?  Today is a great day to focus on something small, like an unintentional habit, to take you out of your comfort zone.  If nothing comes to mind, try eating every meal today with your non-dominant hand.  For example, if you typically use your right hand to hold a fork, use your left.  Experience what that feels like.  If you already have a list of comfort breaking activities, have at it! 

Can you choose to engage, rather than ignore?

I look forward to hearing what you’ve done and how you’ve pushed yourself out of your comfort zone!  

Source: https://youtu.be/GqwHiVoFX0s