Spring into reflection

There is nothing more blissful than to allow your mind to wander unencumbered as you fall back and watch thought and ideas, recollections and memories unfold, unfettered before you.

My favorite time to allow this meandering is in the early morning when the sun's just peeking above the horizon, the air is crisp, the birds sing and a quiet hum settles beneath the silence. It's these mornings that I enjoy taking my dogs for a walk at a local park.

I feel the sun upon my skin. It shimmers off the dewdrops along grass-sparkles of light. It's these moments that I permit myself a break. A recreational respite from the targeted endeavors I typically impose upon my mind. I enjoy my dogs as they run and explore, excitement evident in their body language.

If I let them-they would run, and run, and run the almost entire 5 miles. But I prefer to enjoy the walk in the woods-with the sun, and the shade, and the sounds of nature. My mind wanders to and fro like the waves crashing in the surf. Thoughts roll by, sometimes I engage and other times I just let the thought crash.

Typically my mind is quiet. Silence exists between the surf.  Other times I ride, engaging my thoughts, thinking about today, yesterday. I might relive a memory, analyze a decision, or consider longer-term plans- what does my week look like, my month? What are my goals? How am I doing?

Rarely, I get caught up in overwhelm-when my mind takes off like a horse in gallop. There is an intoxication in the rush.  But there's something intrinsically soothing about the clean, fresh air; the quiet and calm of the park.  Few people venture out this early and experience this natural reset button—the sounds of the birds chirping, the tranquility of nature. 

I turn a corner and the sun is upon my face. I see movement. A blue jay flies by and nestles in underbrush across the road.  It's these brief breaks that allow me to drive hard.  If my thoughts gear up, I may chant a mantra or tune into my breathing and quiet my mind's wandering.

Sometimes I come to the park with a specific problem or challenge that I want to mull over. It's a time I give myself to be.  Most visits to the park aren't outcome oriented.  It's a space to allow creativity to flow like the creek.

Spring is the perfect time to give yourself room to reflect. To appreciate how far you've come and plan where you want to go. There's value to spending time being who you are. There's also value in focusing on figuring out who you want to be. A harmonized life is a little bit of action, a little bit of reflection and a little bit of course adjustment.

As is with most things, your best chance of success is to plan your goal. Now is a good time for reflection. Even the air feels renewed.  Nature begins to come alive, as you see fresh beginnings everywhere.