Comcast Innovation Fund

Comcast’s Innovation Fund is truly innovative from a funding perspective.  The general research grants are typical and open to researchers at colleges and universities.  The targeted research grants and open source development grants are game changing in that they are both open to individuals, as well as organizations and academic institutions.

Additionally, Comcast is looking to be active in general and targeted research funding opportunities and asks applicants to consider a cooperative focus whereby researchers are matched with a Comcast engineer who will take part in the research.   

Comcast recently released the results for 2015, the third full year for the program, which has provided support for 62 projects from 10 countries.  The projects are varied and have included focuses such as after-school STEM education, and open-source tool creation designed to detect and combat malicious DNS (Domain Name System) activity.  

Topics of interest include Networking / Distribution, Measurement/Data Analysis, Input / User Interface, Open Source Development, Security / Privacy and New Services. To learn more about the opportunity check out the Comcast Innovation Fund site.