Dress yourself for Success

How well does your appearance align with how you see yourself?  If your goal is to project a cool, sophisticated persona and you arrive with a half tucked shirt and ruffled hair, are you being seen the way you intended?

Consider your closet, your work environment and who you want to be.  What guides your style choices?  Are you mirroring the folks you work with, peers or superiors?  Perhaps you have your own style and enjoy the flexibility to exercise that style with ease?  Or do you dress a certain way because you feel you have to?   Perhaps you employ a “uniform” approach. 

Are you willing to play with how you present yourself?  If a complete new look is too nerve wracking, try to switch out accessories. A new pair of sunglasses, watch or shoes can be your entre into the new you.  Think about how you want to be viewed and look for people who project that vibe.  Check out their wardrobe for inspiration.  Try wearing what you want, rather than what you think you should wear.   

Source: https://youtu.be/iKM7eWB1bZY