What one piece of advice would you give your undergraduate self?

Last night I spoke at a panel and this was the final question. 

What one piece of advice would you give your undergraduate self?

There is so much that I’ve experienced, learned, screwed up since I was an undergrad in college.  To sift through the bits of advice, the stories, the lessons provides a lot to consider when honing in on one message.  

How often do you take stock of your life and the growth that you have experienced?  I don’t regret.  It’s a fool’s errand, to live in the past.  But this question prompted a thoughtful review.  

My answer:  Live your greatest story.  Be your own hero or heroine.  Too often we rely on others to make decisions, to recognize success, to do or create something.  If I was able to go back, I would encourage my younger self to take more risks.  We have plenty of time to grow up.  Most situations are not as dire as our biology leads us to believe.  Live a life of excitement, passion and choice. 

When making decisions, consider the end of your days.  What kind of life you would like to be able to share?

If each day presents as a blank page, what will you choose to fill it with?  Excitement, engagement, accomplishments or misery, monotony, and frustration?  It’s your choice. 

Source: https://youtu.be/sSZZ_EfnDWo