How often do we get caught up in the noise?

When was the last time you allowed silence?  Listened to your thoughts, watched as they floated by?  If you meditate, you may answer this morning, or yesterday.  If you are like many people, silence is rare.   We fill the space with music, podcasts, televisions.  Noise.  Distractions.

In conversations, do you really listen?  Or are you thinking about your next statement, countering the argument or adding to it?   My goal for today, is to allow the pause to extend beyond my comfort level.  Rather than jumping in or interrupting a conversation, when the other person stops speaking, I want to allow the silence to settle, to resist the urge to hurl words into the lull.  

Pay attention to what is said, and what is not said.  Most of our communication is non-verbal.  Rather than jump into the oral crux, observe the body language and expressions of your communication partner.  Allow this pause to resonate throughout your day.  Leave the music off, the podcasts paused and the news silent.  Pay attention to where your thoughts wander.  Listen to the melody of the world, the traffic, the transit, your colleagues, coworkers, family, nature.  Stay present and see what you learn.