Ready to change your neural pathways? Try something new.

Take the learnings of yesterday and stay with it.  Mindfulness is a habit that helps in all facets of your life.  Continue the theme of the pause.  Balance the urge to contribute with the urge to be quiet.  It’s amazing what you will learn when you experience the hum of the world. 

When was the last time you tried something new?  Much of this challenge has focused on interjecting a push beyond your comfort zone in areas you are familiar with or actively participate.  Openness to new things can increase your capacity for creativity and trying new things can change your neural pathways!    

What have you tried lately that you never tried before?  A class, seminar, new approach?

I tried trapeze – what are you willing to try?

It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind and body to it.  Trapeze is fun, and exciting and scary.  I watched the instructor perform the moves and then hoisted myself onto the bar.  It’s a mental exercise to internalize what you just saw and then attempt to execute it, while getting over the fear of doing something new.  When I can’t lift a dumbbell or perform a physical feat, I don’t give up on myself, I ease back on what I want to do.  If I don’t have the mobility, or strength, I start where I am. 

For the first time in my life, I held myself up upside down on the trapeze.  While I wasn’t this high up the ropes, I was successful in executing the move and holding myself upside down!  What physical success can you translate to your day-to-day life?  How does that knowledge help you today?  Tomorrow?