The ability to adapt, innovate and implement sustainable solutions is paramount in today's business world.

Our Beginning

Let's solve problems together.

Whether you are looking to streamline operations, evaluate a program or finally update your technology, EcoIntelligent provides evidence-based, user-focused solutions. Our network enables us to efficiently assemble a team responsive to your challenge, while ensuring that the bigger picture is always considered. 

“Work shouldn't be miserable, neither should you.”

— Sherry Spinnraker, Principal


Organizational culture is paramount in today's globally networked society.  To stand out from the crowd, companies need a plan and a focus.  Gone are the days when organizational values were not aligned with human-centric approaches.  A company can act right by its employees, consumers and the environment. EcoIntelligent Consulting, LLC. harmonizes these considerations when molding a company, a vision and a mission.  All required resources are considered and planned for, while leaving room to fail and redirect. We tackle difficult conversations to facilitate organizational transformation.

EcoIntelligent Consulting, LLC. is founded on the belief that small disruptions can lead to massive change.  Our goals are broad as we seek to positively influence the workplace.  This may mean partnering on improving customer process, employee process, a better office environment, increased communication, transparency, composting, recycling, off-shoring, on-shoring, new and innovative partnerships.  We will challenge you to work better, smarter and more efficiently without losing the bigger picture.  No lip service, EcoIntelligent Consulting, LLC. truly embodies change and will guide your organization to do it better, quicker and with less angst.

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Our Mission

While renewable resources are naturally associated with Eco-Intelligence, this concept is not limited to the natural environment.  We offer a variety of services with an eye toward sustainability and solutions.  Our strategy is multifaceted and includes a broad dive into your organization.  Eager to assist you with business operations we focus on key organizational areas such as finance, strategy, resources, grants / fundraising, team, management, culture and empowerment.  

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