We begin with solution oriented conversation: 

What keeps you up at night?


What's your 80/20 split?

Where is your organization today and where do you want to be tomorrow?

What’s your biggest pain point? What have you tried so far?  How have those initiatives impacted your organization?

To be adaptive and innovative your organization must implement sustainable solutions and empower your staff to compete in a global economy. EcoIntelligent Consulting, LLC. looks at the organization from a dual prospective, both broadly as well as by department or organization function. 


While all decisions contain an element of strategy, your organization may be ready for a strategic immersion.  Let’s talk short and long term goals, product / service positioning, market evaluations and exist strategy.  What type of organization are you and where are you going?  Where do you want to go?

How is the organization structured?  What’s the management style?  Is the style consistent?  How does the style impact other business areas? How do you create a team?  Your staff are highlighted on financials as an expense, is that how they interact with the organization?  Does your team feel like an asset or an expense?   

Is your culture supportive of your business goals and strategy?  Are your staff empowered to make decisions and positively impact the organization?


Thinking about growing your business or planning a startup?  This type of engagement may require us to analyze current operations or potential markets and develop realistic revenue projections.

How about improving your bottom line?  What resources and assets does your organization rely on and how can we best utilize those resources?  What physical assets and human capital do you need to maintain operations?  Are you growing in a manner consistent with your goals and strategy?

Funding & Operations

Have you considered non-dilutive sources of funding, such as SBIR/ STTR grants?  Thinking about applying for funds or looking at collaborating / partnering on new programs / services?

How about non-profits?  Looking to expand your reach or take advantage of opportunities untapped? You may be aware of potential funders but lack the bandwidth to begin cultivating those relationships or you may be bootstrapped and looking for guidance and assistance in building out a development department.  EcoIntelligent Consulting, LLC. has a broad expanse of experience from industry to government.   

Are you experiencing growing pains?  Uncertain the best approach towards office space?  Have you outgrown your coworking space, but aren’t ready for a traditional commercial lease?  Perhaps you are ready, and don’t know what your options are, or just want a second opinion providing a tenant-focused lease review before signing.  

Let EcoIntelligent Consulting, LLC. help you make the best decision for your organization.